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      Sean Williams, a native of South Carolina, is a painter, sculptor, muralist and designer.  His artwork is layered with natural, universal, and local patterns that are woven with themes of mystery, exploration, spirituality.  Much of his work depicts local topography and wildlife, with a personal touch of humor and satire.

     Sean is a studio art graduate of College of Charleston.  He also worked for a local Charleston blacksmith for many years creating custom metal work.  

      His sometimes rustic and whimsical murals can be seen on many local businesses like the city skyline at Holy City Brewing or Darwin’s Secret behind Avondale Wine and Cheese.  He has worked with Holy City Brewing creating many of the images on their bottles and cans which have become iconic in Charleston.

     “A lot of creating art is delving into the unknown, not understanding what you’re doing but having faith that it does have a purpose and is meaningful.”

     One of  William’s biggest influences is nature whose processes are often similar to those of art-making. "From a simple concept or form, a work of art evolves into something complex.  This parallels the evolution of human anatomy, for example, or a river as it begins with droplets and carves its specific path. The mystery of how and why things evolve."

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